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Happy Wheels – Part 26 | WORST BIRTHDAY EVER!

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Play Happy Wheels: totaljerkface.com/happy_wheels.php

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


  1. Damn, you can tell he was really feeling himself while recording this.

  2. Anyone else here cause jack said he was feeling himself in this episode?

  3. This was Jacks plan all along, to get everyone to revisit his old happy wheels episodes.

  4. Ah the legendary vid jack felt good about

  5. Sean must have really been feeling himself that day

  6. You really feelin you're self today aren't yuh huh

  7. Sean was really feeling himself this day

    lol who else came from Among Us

  8. "WHY DO YOUR ARMS DO THOSE THINGS?!" that's what she said

  9. i wont just smash the like button ill destroy it

  10. Who’s here after him playing Happy Wheels recently?

  11. The first twenty seconds LOL. I'm rewatching them all and I forgot this part.

  12. jack felt himself so hard that i came back to this video

  13. Jack:its like 12am i gotta be a little quiet

  14. Sean taking the piss out of the Pokémon fan base that raged on him is music to my ears 🤣

  15. Man this was the first video I’ve ever watched from jacksepticeye. Crazy how much time passes

  16. 8:12 “Where’s the Joker? I wanna kick his ass”. Immediately gets ran over by his own car

  17. 1:47 That Last Star Looks Like Satan's Face On Pentagram Like If You Agree Wit Me

  18. Steve: gets brutally murdered my a car
    Jack: Why?

  19. Talking about birthday my birthday is in 2 days

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