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Happy Wheels – Part 41 | BOTTLE RUN KING

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Outro animation by the amazingly talented James Farr:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


  1. Haha jacksepticeye just get for being mean to Billy

  2. Is it just me or is it when he completes a hard level you cheer out loud for him?

  3. Welcome back to DDDDDDDDDDD DROP THE BASS


  4. POV: YouTube recommended you this for some reason

  5. 10:26 Sounds like something that my mom would say

  6. Jack stop trying to suck ur nuts
    Willie now u know why im in a wheelchair

  7. “He was just havin’ fun with his girlfriend…”
    oh wait that’s my girlfriend

  8. I believe in you I believe I believe i believe in Steve in Steve oh ya

  9. 4:39 I ain’t no doctor but I’m pretty sure your body shouldn’t bend like that

  10. 5:43 If you look at dad you can see that Billy and Bobby became one for a second

  11. My parents when they can't get me out of the soft play center:
    My Dad:What do we do?!
    My Mom:There's only one solution
    My Dad:Whats that?
    My Mom:We must commit…
    My dad:Oh No….
    My Mom:We must commit… 3:51

  12. 5:24
    It’s like when the comment section used to be filled with dumb comments
    And then eventually the comment section is filled with comments complaining about the dumb comments

    And then the comment section is filled with comments confused about the people complaining because they can’t find dumb comments

    The cycle never ends

  13. Hi Jack play sims plz??!😃🎲🥊🎳🎹🎙️🚪

  14. 5:19 the irony of telling people to stop begging to rate 5 while also begging to rate 5 so it can “get more credit” which immediately discredits what the level message is all about.

  15. The flying knife throw had me almost choke on my root beer XD

  16. Happy wheels in two words:


  17. “Steve you are everything wrongs with this world. Cancer, starvation, all of those things pail in the comparison to the shitness that is you”

    wins level


  18. 3:24 shshhh it’ll be over soon accidently kills him FUDGE IT

  19. Jack,can you play bad guys at school.It's fun and funny

  20. Willy bounced like a fuckin worm in the beginning.

  21. Blast from the past playlist time

  22. In my opinion the best episodes are from 40 to 70. 55 is my favorite.

  23. Best part was when steve stab himself in the balls

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