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Happy Wheels – Part 42 | ONE SHOT… ONE LIFE

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Outro animation by the amazingly talented James Farr:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


  1. Jack= "Santa's in da 21st century, so he gets a jetpack"

    Us in quarantine with jack shiz: bish

  2. Kirby is in Happy Wheels playing.

  3. Fun fact: the happy wheels developers were considering puttibg jack into the game,but since the 100th episode the idea dropped

    always chears me up

  5. Top of the morning to you laddies I’m Shitty the Irishman I got a butthole for pooping you see oh heidee he heidee ho

  6. Technically, i think you would get pins and needles when you get a heart attack, because it DOES indicate cells dying from a lack of blood and oxygen.

  7. I watch videos like this after my mom beats me to make me feel looser.

  8. This man can cure cancer with his laugh

  9. What episode was it when he first said Screw You Billy?


  11. 9:37 looked like santa was running then he gave up because he is to much of a fatty

  12. It’s amazing to see this show up on my recommended 6 years later, looking how far Sean has come has amazed me and so many others. We’re proud of you Sean

  13. Red lightning. RED LIGHTNING! ITS PINK LIGHTNING!!!!

  14. His intro has gotten more and more less normal

  15. This made me happy after 2 hours of crying over Steve Steve cash's death aka talking kitty cat series….😭

  16. The first video I saw of his I knew he would be the best coke vanilla screaming Irish god

  17. Wtf these videos were made 6 years ago and I’m watching marks and jacks happy wheels compilation 6y later?

  18. Santa needed a jetback in the 21st century cuz his sled had covid 19 all over it

  19. i twisted my neck fast and now my tounge is numb

  20. Could there be something mega man related to the kirby rampage level?

  21. Pins and needles feeling in your arm is nothin. Wait til you sit just right, well just wrong actually, and get the pins and needles feeling in your junk…sure catches your attention.😮

  22. Who else is binge watching HAPPPPPYYYY WHEEELLSSS

  23. Just want to say thank you Mr Jacksepticeye these videos are great to watch in these dark times 😁

  24. Lol nothing’s impossible everything’s permitted

  25. 6:56 been seeing this life lesson clip everywhere and randomly finding it is amazing

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