Happy Wheels - Part 5 | PEOPLE MADE LEVELS FOR ME! - pasimanninen.com

Happy Wheels – Part 5 | PEOPLE MADE LEVELS FOR ME!

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Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


  1. I just watched this with subtitles on and when Jack said Bossatronio it said pasta trollee oh. 😂😂😁

  2. i can't believe this was 7 years ago!! Jack changed so much…

  3. 2020 has been the worst year, so I will rewatch all 100 videos. I will paste this message in everyone that I've watched until I've watched them all.

  4. This is where Jack Slowly started to hate Billy.

  5. Part 1: PROTECT BILLY

    Part 2: He had to be left behind. F*** U BILLY


  6. 7:04 u could have used the body parts as swords to hit the girl

  7. Prince of Determination & Video Mogul Black Star says:

    Did anyone else crackup when he said "You just gonna be an asshole?" and then the elf's body exploded?

  8. Is no one watching this dec. 7? 7 years?

  9. He was so young…

    Also 9:37 he didn't notice he completed his level in 69 seconds

  10. The “like a boss” sound effect for jacksepticeye’s fan made game is in this video. Somewhere around 10 mins?

  11. 9:10 no how you get tis of them is say your getting milk and then go to a different house wait 10 years to comes back and then bring a jug of milk

  12. me still waching at 2020🥺 its so MUCH FUN

  13. I feel bad that this makes me sad but jack used to make a lot of fat jokes 🙁 I don't blame him though because that was just normal back then.

  14. No this is the first Jacksepticeye video I watched

  15. It's warming how happy he was when he saw the levels made for him ☺️✨ and look at him now 😌

  16. Who’s here after him playing Happy Wheels recently?

  17. He used to be so polite after slapping the wall

  18. Just wondering how many subs did jack have 7 YEARS AGO?

  19. 11:47 I like your chewing your stump Pete omnomnomnom, ahnomnomnomnomnomnom.

  20. Jack, I would not be surprised if people are still making levels for you. You should make more Happy Wheels videos! Also, you should play my levels my username is joshscavs27

  21. a lot ov views good ()() i luve eor videos

  22. im back here 2021 and never been more happy

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