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Happy Wheels – Part 52 | BRAKES ARE KEY!!

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Speed is not always key in Happy Wheels!

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Outro animation by the amazingly talented James Farr:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


  1. I feel like jack is deaf before I thought it was funny well it it is

  2. This vid made me basically puke up my guts from laughter 🤣

  3. I don't know why but I always come back to your happy wheels videos for a laugh before bed

  4. 2014: congrats on 1 mil!
    2021: congrats on 27 mil!

  5. Me: eating popcorn
    Jack: ba ba ba da charge
    Popcorn: all over the ground i go

  6. i have to hear jack say “I love balls!” at least once a week or i have withdrawals

  7. Play my spikefall it’s called awesome spikefall

  8. Watch them go, watch them fly!


    Be honest. You thought he was gonna rhyme and say "Don'tchu dare fuckin' die!" right? Just me?

  9. Was going to watch a pseudo-intellectual movie. But I think I will just spend some quality time with Sean’s older videos. So nostalgic.

  10. Bro is just as good now as he was 7 years ago.

  11. 5:46 todays the day the teddy bears have their piiiiicnic AH

  12. Todays the day the teddy bears have their piiiiiicnic

  13. Jack's name spelled with coins looks pretty cool

  14. ,mbjhvcghijhgvghojhbhjkjhbhjhbvhijhbhjkbvbjkjnb bjkjbvhiojhvcxfgyuijhghjn

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