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Happy Wheels – Santa Claus

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I put jolly Santa into the game late last night. He’s using reindeer alternatives this year. Santa uses his magical anti-gravity abilities when you press spacebar. Press shift when an elf is no longer useful to cut him loose. Dive into the nostalgia of classic contra the game online with a modern twist! Contra Games Online brings iconic gameplay to the digital era, offering an immersive and dynamic platform for gamers seeking intense action, strategic challenges, and non-stop fun.

Sorry, this video isn’t all that spectacular… didn’t have a whole lot of time today. TIME IS GOING FASTER AS I AGE.

play here:


  1. I remember not wanting to look at Santa get mutilated as a child so I wouldn’t end up on the Naughty List

  2. please fix happy wheels its laging behind

  3. please fix happy wheels its laging behind

  4. 0:47, “Ho, ho- Santa gets impaled by the spikes below him to death.

  5. *breacks boths legs * HO HO HO !
    *breacks through someones window * HO HO HO !

  6. Santa: "HOHOHO! 😈"
    Elves: "Augh! Ah! Ugh! Waa!"

    0:45 🤣 Santa: "HO HO H-!" *stabbed
    1:08 Bruh! 😆

  7. I love how Santa is a bit calm when expressing his pain

  8. Pewdiepie: RUN YOU LITTLE SHIT

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