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happy wheels spike fall levelz

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hapy wheeelz is so kewll XDddD


  1. i would actually enjoy this if he didn't overdue it with the "bad mic" parody.

  2. Amazing audio quality 50/10 would hear again ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  3. cooper plz play my level it is named youtube quiz

  4. I had to double check it said 12 days ago and not 12 years ago…

  5. God has blessed me nevermind thats days not years its ok you're still amazing cooper

  6. I would love to meet cooper in real life ngl, he sounds like a really nice person

  7. YouTube says “13 days ago” but this has the energy from 13 YEARS ago

  8. How does he get the audio to sound like that? Even the intro has that weird distortion on it. It sounds awesome!

  9. Where did you get a mic that bad? I need one.

  10. Hilarious 🤣
    I’m sorry there’s not more people who understand your sense of humor.

  11. Copper needs to save his money to downgrade his mic

  12. I love hearing the goofy hurt noises in in reply compressed quality

  13. Hell it looks and sounds like a 07 video I LIKE IT

  14. seems like the algorithm has blessed me with a good channel. finally, some GOOD FUCKING CONTENT

  15. Only the OGs know the sword throws were the best

  16. He's not logged in but he doesn't read the message that he needs to be logged in to rate lol

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