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HARPOONS OF DOOM! | Happy Wheels

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First time playing this game. LETS DO THIS!

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  1. Nobody is questioning 7:09 just me ok i mean if you dont know what he said than i guess your a good soul

  2. I keep laughing and i reach the. When beaver map and the gaming beaver said: i am just on fire and he fell and his head is stuck and his helmet touch the mine and blowed up i laugh so hard at that scene

  3. Little did beaver know he cringes at this now xd

  4. Is it just me or dose beavers sound like he is on a sugar rush 😂

  5. My helamates gone

    Ive Lost protection is what he said

  6. Anyone just rewatching old gamingbeaver vids because of nostalgia

  7. nostalgic, oh how i miss the old days lol

  8. I wonder if Timmy wanted to switch schools and if he wanted to be a rightie

  9. Beaver: Timmy! That was uncalled-for
    Me: Dies of laughter

  10. Yo Gaming Beaver! You're a great singer!!!!

  11. I fell like this is me
    Also I’m the gaming beavers biggest fan

  12. This is my fav happy wheels video ever made

  13. No matter how old I am I'm still gonna find joy in these videos

  14. After nearly six years, this is still a awesome video.

  15. James: uses 'In The Arms of the Angels'

    James' ad revenue: 🎶In the aaaarms ooof the Aaangelss 🎶

  16. The Thumbnail art reminds me of Jacksepticeye's Happy wheels

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