How We Improved The Most Optimized Strategy in Happy Wheels -

How We Improved The Most Optimized Strategy in Happy Wheels

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  1. So basicly one strat was improved twice, and both were by people making the same mistake. I wonder if someone will improve this by accidentally pressing shift even earlier.

  2. I might actually start watching you after that Maximum video. This does seem entertaining, plus I am interested in speedrunning. So consider me a subscriber

  3. Eventually he is going to max out the best time for human players.

  4. Slow intro, sounds like talking through a telephone. I subbed because you have drive and this is interesting topic but I wouldn’t actually want to watch this

  5. Welp. Some random guy called Maximus appeared in my recommended, and half an hour later I find myself here, hooked to your content. Guess Im subbed now

  6. Dang man I remember skipping school work to play this game doing some of these skips on accident and freaking out because they were super weird and hard but you do them like nothing, respect your way.

  7. Lol I even sub to you before the video was out lol but forgot

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