Human Rope Swing!? WTF?! || Happy Wheels #8 (Funny Moments) -

Human Rope Swing!? WTF?! || Happy Wheels #8 (Funny Moments)

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I never normally do these, but can we go for 500 likes on this episode!? Thanks guys, I hope you enjoy the video 🙂

Happy Wheels:

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  1. Omg the epic bottle runs!HAHAHA!front wheels while having neck facing to the right at all times!

  2. Love going back to older videos! The bottle run in this one cracked me up! 😂😂

  3. ok so i would pick me ruleing cuz everyone being friends would get really boreing and it just is not a world i would want to live in.

  4. OMG WHEN THE lights will guid you home part of that song playd i screemed OMG cuz its my fav song

  5. opps sorry wrong number it's 0:16 where the beat drop goes

  6. You can turn it on with a stick
    And you can touch the monitor..
    It's a monitor..
    Not a computer..

  7. Ryan if you never touch a computer again that means not the mouse keyboard or the monitor. You would just have someone turn on the computer for you.

  8. I have a custom OC animatronic named "Twich"

  9. You don’t nesiserly have to touch the cumputer just the keyboard and mouse

  10. One look at the tags and you can see…
    Ryan was so humble back then lol

  11. 7:53 Cheaters never win or maybe they do we when never see tho because he died to spikes

  12. 0:44 Me: Spartan!?!? Man: Epic rising! Me: aaawwwww maaan!!

  13. I would have a rewind button in by life

  14. I've been sick for a while but i still watch your video's and I love them all!

  15. Coryxkenshin would've gotten the bottle run first try.

  16. I would picka world where i rule because i would make there not be problems

  17. Finally…

    Youtube recommended me the perfect channel for me

  18. The rising legend is taken from league of legends tho

  19. you got it easy I am half animatronic if I stay in the golden freddy pose too long i become golden freddy

  20. Oh gosh that last would you rather makes one to go without one of the two main aspects of our modern society😧. I sincerely apologize if I offended anyone, I making jokes about majority stereotypes and modern society.😑

  21. " this will be the best episode et"
    Me:"so long as it doesn't bite you lmao😂

  22. 0:21 don't know why but I laughed at this part when he said oh I love being evil

  23. The level: if you beat this first try you are a boss.
    Jacksepticeye be like: welcome to the BOSS empire.

  24. 33 happy wheels characters died in this episode, with a runtime of 10 minutes that gave us a kill on average every 18 seconds

  25. 1:50 he needed to rip your arm of to see if you TRULY was the chosen one

  26. Rewatching videos back when ryan was young was so funny 🤣

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