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It’s official…I am now a pro bottle flipper. Happy Wheels is way too fun! What other things do you wanna see me do in this game? Hope you guys like this video. Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos and click the bell to never miss an upload!

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  1. What the hell why did Sam have a big mug

  2. Qaen

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  3. Umm what is this 3:00am or what why does he need that much coffee

  4. hi guys im a YT too but i cant make more vids how to make more vids
    B:just give up
    A:dont give up just know
    D:SHUT UP to me
    C:tell me

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  6. 1:58
    Him:I thought it was gonna land on poop
    What I heard:I thought It was gonna land inside the poop

  7. How do you get bottle flipping one

  8. He just landed 2 bottles the 1 on his neck and the one on normal

  9. Tx dry ez we re we tx ex da to go to un in on RV ex ex tx TV in the tx TV it yv by it ok if it tx tx drt tx tx TV TV TV t but

  10. I like the memes that YouTube's are not supposed to do

  11. Hey i did it don’t judge drinks empty cup (this is probably not what he said so plz no stuff in reply)

  12. you play the same exact map as the frustrated gamer

  13. I have seen the frustrated gamer play the 3rd level

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