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I Became A BOTTLE FLIP LEGEND! | Happy Wheels

The Frustrated Gamer
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I Became A Bottle flip legend in Happy Wheels bottle flip gameplay | The Frustrated Gamer is trying the 99% impossible bottle flip today! See if I can land more impossible bottle flip happy wheels levels or will I be the ultimate bottle flip noob? Let’s play happy wheels bottle flip levels with The Frustrated Gamer!
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  1. I realized Brandon has 60% of Eric
    And 40% of Ian or Ein Wait the one in the left of 6:28 is FILIPINO

  2. i saw filipino in the back of you in the edge on the vid

  3. All of your videos you make me laugh

  4. I laugh so hard of the sheesh😆😆😆

  5. When you said you didn’t know what you landed on you actually landed on something really good invisible platform

  6. Imagine every single bottle landed on hacker

  7. Erick is laying down that bottles hit Erick the head

  8. Sometimes you call him ein and sometimes you call him I also love you videos there's so funny and its dramatic

  9. I love how he said "ein Eric ein Eric ein!"

  10. Brandon the is also new levels on happy wheels

  11. Brandon if you landed all bottles in imposter balls upside down upside up I would be so proud and subscribe and like your channel

  12. Galeng and Ok Lang is Filipino! Galeng or Galing is Very Good and Ok Lang is Its Ok. 5:25

  13. He create a song. he be like hacker pro something no

  14. Brandon see you always says Erick so his name is Erick

  15. Hey Brandon when u said we of from a horrible start I was like oh now I’m back in 3rd grade

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