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Steven’s Notes;
Watch Toby die, ragequit, and fail more in Happy Wheels than anyone you’ve ever seen in any other game.
This TobyGames series is a lot of fun, I hope the amount you enjoy watching him rage his face off

correlates with the amount of frustration he endured throughout this playthrough! Toby also gives

unique voices to Irresponsible Dad and Son, the Pogo Guy, and the old Wheelchair Man. These probably

aren’t their technical names, but I’m not a technician! Check out the rest of the videos in this series

And check out Toby’s animated Happy Wheels Music video parody cartoon here (from Tobuscus):

And look out for the official Happy Wheels cartoon in 2016, which is currently being developed by Toby

Turner and Jim Bonacci!

Also watch Toby attempt ‘comedy videos’ on his ‘main’ channel at
or watch him talk to his iPhone on

Toby sucks at Happy Wheels

Outro Music “Gimme That” by DJ Alex S.
Get it on iTunes!
© 2013 Tobuscus INC


  1. I am going to say random words
    Is you cool
    Nice are the
    Shut cool lol

  2. I actually watch your videos I'm such a bert

  3. OHHHH HE'S LIKE A BIRD!!! ehhh, a dead one, a dead one xD xD

  4. And look out for the official Happy Wheels cartoon in 2016, which is currently being developed by Toby
    Turner and Jim Bonacci!


  5. Toby you were MI first youtuber and you make me laugh Thanks

  6. oh god I miss all this! It has been too long since I have sat down and watched some good Tobuscus

  7. you always make me crack up when I'm having a bad day

  8. Guys. So, a sword throw, right? But with LANDMINES instead. Woa…

  9. "Were fine son, were fine"
    His guts are on his chair, he's fine

  10. My name is not Mr. Wheelchair! It's Mr. Table Jump Hump Doom Bringer!

    I need money money. I need money money money to buy some more balls. Money money to buy buy ba ba buuu BUUUUU!

    My body is a firework, bum dum da dum dum da,
    My body is suspended next to some mines,
    A bunch of spikes are gonna fall, der dum da der dum da der dum
    There's a black,
    There's a black ba-aa-all teleporting every every which way,
    Gonna push a bunch of little buttons, then proba-probably end me,
    Lalala, I am like this construct
    Why did I end up here?
    (I tried my best writing it out)

    That's right, it's 10 times more impossible than possible. The, um, percentage of the impossibility itself is impossible, that's how- oh you see that? That's frickin super frickin ba- oh snap! Oh, oh that's right. You can't even possibly think you could calculate the possibility- GBLUUUUU, of this level. Let me just tell you that…..let me tell you that……ah, Steven HAWKING, uh has not- OH MY GO-OO-OD. Uh, BRUUUU, heh eh heh- don't kiss the landmine. Don't kiss the landmine, bro. BRUUUUBUUUUU, ah. I'm gonna get it this time. Ready? Watch. OOOOOOO. I got it. I got it. Harpoon to the- WOAH! OH NO! I didn't win! Nobody buys that. AAAAAHHH! When in doubt, sit on a landmine. BRUUU…..BLUUUUBRUUU. When in doubt, duh deeee yuuuu. When in doubt,deh, jump into- UUUGGH. Oh yeah! I think I'm alive. I'm- Technically, I think I'm still alive. Technically, I'm not a technition.

  11. “Can you make a ‘Catch the land mine and throw it at a kid?’”
    Best Toby Quotes

  12. jb voiced by toby: i wonder how high i can jump
    yeets jb into the wall

  13. 5:14
    well maybe it's not the mine maybe it's the things in the dad

  14. 2:49 Just when you think Jb's gonna die check it and it goes right through him O_O

  15. Who else is watching this in 2020, while people riot in Minneapolis?

  16. Every episode of this is cancer to happy wheels.😢

  17. Who’s here watching in 2020 leave a like👍

  18. I’m just looking down at the comments to see if anyone is here in 2020

  19. “Can you make a catch the landmine and throw it at the kid?! That’s awesome!” -toby 2013

  20. I remember seeing these. They were pretty funny.

  21. Anyone watching in 2020 through the craziness

  22. 7 years later and I’m still laughing at this haha

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