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I ignored highway safety

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I ignored highway safety
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  1. Hey you see how you have no views anymore. Stop playing games like you do. No one plays these.

  2. Saw the title, thought he was going to be playing The Long Drive.

  3. 4:14 he was right the lamp didn’t go through, everything but the lamp went through

  4. Gray the dummys have iron man heads if you look at there jaw you will see

  5. ignoring safety regulations again are we Gray?

  6. I need to ask.. what is the life expectancy of a Florida man

  7. Average Youtubers : let Youtube put other people ads in their video.
    CHAD GRAY : lets other people ads his own products in his own video.

  8. Did I miss why he doesn’t play sims anymore? 😢

  9. Grey go into solar smash and choose the bunch af astriods like the group and put it on the highest damage and amount ITS CRAZY 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. When Gray igronres highway safety, THAT's when you know we're getting real

  11. This is the funniest video I have ever watched

  12. If I had to say something

    It's "I accidentally ignored your channel for X and this happened"

  13. and this is not happy wheels its some game that you have to save people am i right?.

  14. Hey Gray, what part of Florida do you live in I went there for vacation

  15. Keep o. Getting some we are the enemy ad, its so damn dumb

  16. I just had a really bad argument with my mom, and I watched this video for support. I needed this, thank you.

  17. brother percent 3 vlogs and video games says:

    Hey gray i was just saying that i love ur vids and your videos help me with my loss of my brother

  18. the lack of windmills and wall rides and wall transfers was disturbing

  19. When you were describing the game at the start, the subtitles said " , its Belgium " and I'm loosing my mind.

  20. WAIT, you aren't supposed to ignore highway safety?

  21. “Don’t you do it lamp, I hate you” Got me laughing so hard that all the air inside me just “Ok time to let you die” and I was silently laughing because it is 3:25 AM where I am rn

  22. gray i know this is probably not going to reach you but still quick question how do you get mobie games on your pc?

  23. him saying its just like stretching twizzlers while me eating twizzlers

  24. For some reason YouTube keeps unsubscribing me from your account?

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