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i love happy wheels

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  1. Yeah you and grandpa have a lot in common including he likes happy wheels

  2. Exploding blenders of Santa Claus corpses 😛

  3. the reason your eyes are brown because they are a piece of shit well 1000000 pieces of shit and mean it

  4. lazarbeam: we love everyone and we dont hurt anyone

    me: holding a knife at a person the didnt use code lazar: ._.

  5. the old mans name is jenkins
    and irepsonible dad's kid's name is timmy

  6. Lazarbeam: we don't get toxic here on the lazarbeam channel

    Also lazarbeam literally 2 minutes later: 5:17

  7. Lannan where is the video at 200k likes if I just can’t find it sorry

  8. Did anyone realise that grandpas arm somehow got inside the mech I the first level

  9. Your similarities to greystillplays are so amazing

  10. Someone: who is lazarbeam
    Me: a man who can break any game that he plays and he does dumbcrap science

  11. " thats the world famous mixer streamer ninja "
    LMAO 💀

  12. What do you mean “it’s Minecraft all over again” it’s always been Minecraft

  13. are you sure those green freshes are not gremlins

  14. 9:58 "everyone doesn't like you, they run if they see you" Me: "racist"

  15. LazarBeam in 2020: "bring back the mech to Fortnite"
    Epic Games in 2021: "MECH"

  16. Lazer is one of the best happy wheels youtuber!

  17. We need to bring back the mech…
    me watching in 2021…. 0.0

  18. Who else is watching this in chapter 2 season 8 and the mecks are back and he said thay should come back what do you say now lazerbeam

  19. I saw the thumbnail and I knew it was going to be good

  20. What the hell jeff it really sounded like he was Rick from rick and morty

  21. we fighting the good fight against the spam bots boys

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