I took harpoon runs to the extremes - pasimanninen.com

I took harpoon runs to the extremes

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I took harpoon runs to the extremes
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  1. Ah yes I'm Grease still plays and I mean grace still plays Cooper Kai mother f*** is some good gray still plays now where's my shout out

  2. greys name should be named greaystillplays/yeetsut man

  3. 3:13 Can we just mention the mention of the man, the myth, the master of not working PCs, The king Daddy Caddy

  4. grey: it Satan toe's time to suck them

  5. I’ve started to realise that Queensland is the Australian version of Florida 😂

  6. i liked when he said owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  7. Gray: yeedily deet, you can't touch my-
    Me: feet!
    Gray: meat
    Me: yeah that's better

  8. I got an add for happy wheels while watching this

  9. You are my fav YouTuber grey

  10. My favorite saying from Gray is "I'm still alive!"

  11. A cool day is 93

    A freezing day is 60… in some places that's 'perfect weather' but here it's so cold

  12. Tip for grey if tilted ur front wheel u go very fast

  13. My friend told me I was promised V bucks…

  14. Gray:Tom can you get your foot out my ass Tom: that's where it belongs

  15. strawberry jam tastes good I like strawberry jam

  16. this is the first time i ever saw gray not start the video with a bottle run lmao

  17. i love how the board says "p.s, if you get torn to shreds and your deoxyribonucleic acid, goes somewhere, you might, still be fine."

  18. gray: "the bridge is starting to die"

    me, thinking of grays masochistic abilities, says: "what, the bridge of your SANITY???"

  19. when gray does a triple flip dunk, you know he aint messing around.

  20. you can’t tell if grays is actually editing the sounds or it’s real

  21. That glass break kinda looks like mine because the bumps were real on mine to but i think mine had words

  22. 10:41 this is one of the best deaths gray has ever commited

  23. Funny thing was, you can actually fly if you do like 1000 crossbows in one run to stay afloat

  24. I was laughing and crying when u said hey u notice where that harpoon went

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