JOHNNY HELP ME | Puppy plays Happy Wheels -

JOHNNY HELP ME | Puppy plays Happy Wheels

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#furry #vr #happywheels

Hey, 2010 is cool again!

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Edited by: Peq42 ()
Artwork by: Julune ()


  1. Who thought about Jacksepticeye when Corgi said Billy? I did.

  2. corgicam is a 10/10 definitely would smashps, lets be honest a lot of us would if we could.

  3. happy wheels with the most generic/well known royalty free music. A true blast from the past, this was nice

  4. 1:47 That face of genuine shock at what he just did is amazing I love it

  5. You know, I noticed something, you have a sans-like way of going about this game here,serious, then straight up funny, I wonder why that might be so.

  6. Corg on wheels… what could possibly go wrong?

  7. But I thought you couldn't reach the pedals 😅

  8. Yay my first video I've seen of ya and I love it!^^

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