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JUMPY JUMPY | Happy Wheels – Part 93

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Must keep jumping, must keep jumping! HAPPY WHEELS!

St. Patrick’s Day ►

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Outro created by the super talented Cranbersher:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


  1. "We may as well call you Patrick Stump after this"

    … Wait, hold on, that was a Fall Out Boy reference-

  2. 3:02 "I hope you get 15 million subscribers"
    2021: 27 Million subscribers
    Time flies

  3. I still love the old videos because they are is good to watch

  4. Reverse sounds like you were in a worm hole with broken vocal cords

  5. I wish you would get 15 million subscribers

    12,000,000 later

  6. Who's here in 2022-2027?
    I'll start…


  7. YA EVER HEARD OF DANFART? OR DANTDM? My father thinks that Dantdm's real name is Dante, but Dan let's people call him Dantdm! And, I was SOOO upset when I found out that, Donald Trump is bald but uses a wig!!!

  8. Imagine this with me!: Train crashes, train crashes into train, train goes SMASH into train crashes into train. Train died on the wall. Train's people died on trains face. Train crashes into train crashes into train crashes into train crashes into train smashes into train in you.

  9. Ig would go: train: crashes. Train: Smashes into train. Train into train be like: crash, crash, crash crash crash crash crash cra-weiner.

  10. Oh my god my play speed was so slow and at the beginning he was like tttoooppp oofff tthhheee mmmooorrrnnnninnng ttttttooooo yyyyaaaaa lllllaaaadddiiiieeesss

  11. Ah the never ending battle of the accent between Ireland and Scotland. Both sound great to me

  12. 3:04 they say they hope he gets 15 mil and he's coming on 30 now 🙂 crazy

  13. yall should watch 97 happy wheels he is dying due to a habanero (At least i think a habanero pepper)

  14. 6:37 13 times in a row Billy got his head obliterated. 😂😂😂😂😂

  15. 28.5 million subscribers by 5/18/2022 . Wow.

  16. This message is backwards, how does it sound like

  17. it feels good to laugh again after all this time. I should of came back to this years ago because nowadays sadly i couldn't laugh

  18. "Eat my ass willy, eat…that sounds bad."😂😂

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