JURASSIC PARK BOSS.. ROBOT EDITION!! - Happy Wheels Funny Moments - pasimanninen.com

JURASSIC PARK BOSS.. ROBOT EDITION!! – Happy Wheels Funny Moments

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I am kind of new but not really to Happy Wheels so please excuse my noobiness. If you did excuse and also liked it then let me know, I’d be “happy” to make more, hurrdehurr. Thank you for watching and I hope ye enjoyed ^_^
P.S. I know it said “Scaring” not “Screaming” but that text moves fast hahaha

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  1. Can you send me a picture of H20 Dede for me plz

  2. @daithi de Nogla, you and mini n others should do a hot wheels clip as that was good years ago

  3. Lui and Daithi are like an old couple and i love it

  4. lol Lui and diathi de nogla sound like a good married couple

  5. second time I’ve seen a great Irish you-tuber play my favorite game but this is my favorite you tuber

  6. nogla and lui are roommates 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  7. Ok im sorry im new does lui live with nogla? Are they roommates?

  8. I didn't know that no glad looks like this.

  9. Ur funny. Good game play. Funny how Lui was in the background. Lol

  10. I think nogla and jacksepticeye almost look same i think they are brothers dont get mad at me i just got a weird vision

  11. Nogla: So jack what you playing?

  12. Lui:are you rec?
    David:I AM REC lui STOOOOP
    Lui: can I be in your video
    David:NO you can't be the
    video go shower

  13. 1:36 Luis’ laugh is so genuine, I love it!❤️❤️❤️

  14. Anyone els watching in 2019? Because it's so cringy

  15. Don't ever be sorry when playing this game. It's meant to be ridiculous where people can rage out and try impossible challenges, fun games and alot more! Have fun with it! 😃👍🍀

  16. 1:47 “Tab+R I can press that …” continues to fail at pressing that 😭

  17. When I clicked the video I thought he was going to start the intro with. Top of the morning to ya. But wrong Irish YouTuber

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