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Karen takes on nuclear reactor

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Karen takes on nuclear reactor
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  1. In gta alex should make a board without checkpoint

  2. The weight on the glass bridge in the glass bridge level was too light on the right side because it was going slightly up

  3. I thought karens always took on nuclear reactors all the time… BECAUSE THEY ARE ONE

  4. Girl you cheated in the 100% impossible level you cheated okay bro Don’t say I like you like this don’t change please😢

  5. 8:53 he wins and starts singing deck the halls in hahas

  6. Do a circus that is 10000% deadl

  7. The “uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhghhhhh” is just oHh PeRfEcT

  8. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😂🎉😅

  9. in the first one there’s another win that you didn’t do:(

  10. The part when he was flying then just got decapitated, I was dying 😂

  11. I love how grays kid also is climbing the bride

  12. Do a yeet into a yeet Into a yeet was really funny

  13. It wasn’t a boot I think it was a bottle of mustard

  14. I have learned something today, don't laugh with sparkling water in your mouth. It will go up your nose and the pain lasts more than thirty minutes.

  15. bruh seeing gray suffer is legit funny:0

  16. Plot twist the child in the thumbnail is the Karen

  17. I know how it is in Florida (it’s cold cuz I got a cold u its bad for u)

  18. I wanna see a grey still plays face reveal we see what he looks like

  19. Wow you hit your ground on the spike you never fail to entertain us


  21. Litte Tom harde was trying to follow you GrayStillPlays

  22. 8:24 GSP tries to jump but Timmy/Tom graps him
    Oh wait hold on

  23. "I'm Still Alive"
    -GrayStillPlays' top 3 most famous quotes

  24. why wont it LOOOOOOAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Grays neighbors:. O-o tf

    Gray:*laughing manically and screaming*

  26. “Does that Dorito move too?”
    Graystillplays 2022

  27. at 2:01 you can see that he missed a win if you look on the right hand side

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