LAUNCH THE KITTENS | Happy Wheels - Part 96 -

LAUNCH THE KITTENS | Happy Wheels – Part 96

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FIRE THE KITTENS! That’ll show them what for!

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Outro created by the super talented Cranbersher:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


  1. Glad Jacksepticeye knew about tupac

  2. I’m rewatching this in 2021 and I’m shook

  3. Fun fact this is the same video for the jacksepticeye song

  4. Jack be like Jake your energy pills today maybe like I’m taking them right now in reality me eating candy

  5. i got muhammed ali mixed up with the dude who did 9 11

  6. I’m watching this in 2021 and the steak the thing level made me piss myself laughing when u kept on falling into the harpoon

  7. Wish he would keep his word and play happy wheels forever

  8. Anyone still watching in 2021? 🥺💕 I love you jack

  9. I cant believe that you (jacksceptici) is in free guy that's amazing!

  10. Why would only 21% of people pick Africa to live in? Do people not realize Africa’s not just a poor, barren wasteland like in movies, and has actual cities and some high-end civilizations? Antarctica is literally just snow, ice, more snow, and no civilization whatsoever

  11. wait slogo plays happy wheels?

  12. I thought that Sean’s camera quality was bad but halfway through the video I realised my quality was on boomer mode

  13. When he said it doesint taste good the first time that’s what she said🤣

  14. He probably should’ve know this for the laser level and the entire series really

    The game revolves around the characters heart
    It’s what the camera follows and it serves as the main hit box

  15. Day 352 of saying random words on random YouTube videos

    Today’s word: extracurricular

  16. that’s in me crochicles

    Jacksepticeye 2016

  17. 2:00 looks like an ice spear finisher move Sub-Zero would do🤣

    I just can't get over the perfect gravity when you swing on and fall backwards🤣

  18. I remebe getting this notification for this video

  19. 1:522:00 A prime example of insanity, when you perform the same action over and over and expect a different result. Lol.

    P.S I come from the future of 2021…. Hello 👋 …..

  20. Yo so I was just sitting in my room looking for something to watch and this video came up and i got hooked on jack.

  21. Sean really butchers music in this video. 😡

  22. That harpoon dodge in the beginning always kills me


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