MORTAL KOMBAT LEVELS!? | Happy Wheels #26 -

MORTAL KOMBAT LEVELS!? | Happy Wheels #26

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How well do YOU know your Mortal Kombat characters!? (Also, Geometry Dash would’ve dropped today.. but Clutterfunk bro.. I am having SUCH a hard time with this level.)

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Outro top video:
Outro bottom video:


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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.



  1. Thx for saying dwayz 😀😀😀

  2. Cory your day is going well and you are the best youtuber

  3. Kills 56 (maybe)
    Runtime of 17:17
    K/A 2:01sec
    Golden chainsaw JB or the old men
    Doul machete goes to pogo guy hard pogo
    Fallen fail goes to pogo guy basket ball
    Sharp death goes to Segway man in escape the room
    Hope you all had a good day

  4. Corey if you read this comment I want to tell you that I watch your videos every day and every day it makes me happy every day I watch your videos I laugh and every time you say some funny joke I’m make myself just almost barely Pee and the times that I watch you I laugh my nose want to call it off if you read this comment you’re my favorite samurai slice that like button

  5. When it says what race is baraka my name is Baraka
    so im blak name one person who is named baraka who is white

  6. Why yo skin light then but now yo skin brown if you don’t get ya LIGHT SKIN I NEED AN EXPLANATION YOU LIGHT THEN DARK PTETTY SURE …pretty sure people noticed that

  7. 10:48 Cory gets shocked when his hands reach win but he doesn’t make it.

  8. "oh my gosh a freakin HYdra?" that voice crack tho

  9. Sub-zero froze and broke his arms in the mortal combat the movie.

  10. Hi Cory it's me bf can you plz play my game again? I miss you man 🥺

  11. 5:40 The way the pogo got destroyed being crushed fits the Victory music perfectly.

  12. Man he all ways make me in a mood 🙂

  13. "you got to go, cuz coryxkenshin and I'm killin' these WHOA!' siad by the master himself

  14. Cause my name is coryxkenshin and I’m killin this woahh

  15. Yo. Cory in the intro I got scared Cuz my door randomly opened ok right now I'm still in the room no this is not fake just letting you know now I need slice like

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