Nogla makes Terroriser RAGE QUIT HAPPY WHEELS forever... -

Nogla makes Terroriser RAGE QUIT HAPPY WHEELS forever…

Nogla & Terroriser Gaming
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Enjoy this hilarious rollercoaster involving Terroriser playing fan maps, where Nogla gets to reign terror on pushing his buttons. Indulge in a blast from the past – dive into the world of wolfenstein online spielen with online platform.

Friends in the vid:

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  1. Wow, that irish dump truck though

  2. I like the fact they were singing along to all the way which means they’ve heard it before enough to remember the lyrics, as someone who’s watched both for years it was pretty cool.

  3. Boy terrorizer got them yams 🍠😂

  4. I wanna watch them play Geometry dash and see nogla beating a demon level in only a few tries 🤣

  5. Eating while recording anything should be illegal!

  6. The 3 people in the spikes are:
    Vannos (red shirt)
    Nogla (brown jacket)
    Moo (green shirt)
    That would make sense to me… the 4 people who would mainly play together before Moo left

    P.S. I was actually thinking about the All The Way song before Nogla put it on 😂

  7. Was not expecting terrorizer ass but here we are

  8. Seems like no one is naming the two guys at the bottom of the spike pit, as Nogla directed, so I'll do it: Jeffrey and Stephen.

  9. Day 1: Nogla and Terroriser should play "We were here"
    Love the video guys. I laughed so much XD. Poor Brian.

  10. The whole video was that rope swings also nogla did it like in 6 tries then Brian took like 240 tries

  11. That rage was wild near the end, that was the funniest rage quit yet.

  12. This totally didn't make me go and create my first ever happy wheels level for yall to hopefully play

  13. They don't count because the character is dead

  14. the jelly beans helped nogla. the man is a genius

  15. Bro nogla is a glutton, bro is committing every sin in the bible and claiming to be Christian 💀
    You know gluttony is a sin right?

  16. Add of course my parents walk in my room at this moment 14:28

    Also the 3 people in the spikes are called Sèan, Kevin and Daniel

  17. Yo yall keep up the great work❤❤😂😂

  18. I love how you can occasionally hear Jack's song playing💀💀💀💀

  19. ol father pole took out terroriser's hole , guess life paid the troll toll

  20. You should try A Way Out it’s a co op prison escape

  21. al happywheels lvls are basically the same bc its mostly uncreative children who just copy what everyone else does. Maybe you'll get that one in a thousand creative levels sometimes but, ye. HappyWheels very quicky became homogenized garbage

  22. Nogla wasting his money on a personal trainer and eating like shit and getting sick makes me think he severely unhealthy. ☠️

  23. "So what's the control for breathing?"

    immediately is able to jog five miles without taking a break

  24. Because nogla is a veteran of a video of game's

  25. That might be some cake but Tyler is thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.

  26. I hope we can see you two play some Persona games. Especially Persona 3 Reload coming this Friday.

  27. Oh its so much better when Brian gets it AFTER they had finished. Fucking hilarious

  28. Y guys should try the SpongeBob game lol Nogla is Mr crabs and Brian is Sandy

  29. I don't think nogla remembers the hot tub stream

  30. He had like 70 tries where he could have easily won but he didn't move the character

  31. I never thought I would see Brian pull his pants down and jiggle his ass.


  33. Brian is straight booty cheeks at happy wheels, couldn’t tell how to grab or that he was dead already the whole time.

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