NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE | Happy Wheels - Part 85 -

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE | Happy Wheels – Part 85

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Impossible Levels in Happy Wheels? HAH! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE

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Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


  1. Wise old jack: YOU DONT NEED ARMS
    Jack when he loses his arms in Rope S:I FUCKIN NEED THOSE

  2. The nastolga of this video and this is on my fyp suggestion

  3. Jack: I did it I got it I did it I got it I did it I did I did it

  4. Damn this gives me hardcore Nostalgia 🙁 i remember the good old days

  5. Who else is here in 2021?Just for the old vids?

  6. This dude does way to much coke before these videos lol

  7. I was just feeling upset until I watched this. Thank you so much Jacksepticeye.🥺

  8. 10:47 Imagine having sex with your girl and say to her:
    "Your ass does not matter, you ass does not matter. It does in the eyes of everybody else but for now just…FUCK!"

  9. Almost 6 years ago ? Maaan… I remember when it said ''1 minute ago'' 🙁

  10. The Awoken Couple Black Star & Silver Moon says:


  11. “THE IMPOSSIBLE LEVEL! IM NOT KIDDING! ITS REALLY HARD! But it is possible”Just think about what that guy typed in his level.

  12. Jack your old humor had me dead 🤣

  13. They need to make a happy wheels song from this vid

  14. Nathan Poyser the Drip King and Sports Fan :3 says:


  15. The kids that made those levels must've been so happy 😀

  16. 5.6 years have passed by since this video

  17. Come on jack, what has billy ever done to you?………….

  18. YOUR NOT JSE ANYMORE YOUR FAJ (First Attempt Jack)

  19. When Jack actually posted content…

    Now I watch 1 in 7 because you changed so much…


  20. 3:33 : when your playing one of those multiplayer games where nobody dies or you restart the level but you die to annoy your friends

  21. 3:33 : your endgame friend when he sees you die to the simplest mob

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