NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE | Happy Wheels - Part 85 -

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE | Happy Wheels – Part 85

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Impossible Levels in Happy Wheels? HAH! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE

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Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


  1. The fact that this was him 6 years ago makes me both nostalgic and a little sad But the new jack is still hella funny

  2. I accidentally put this on at 2 in the morning and woke my whole family within a second

  3. "Woah white betty bambalam! Woah white betty bammalam!"

  4. oh squeeze that big beautiful eyes through betty go go do. is what my subtitles said.

  5. I was trying to sleep, but I saw this. It's been 6 years. 6 years of jack being my favorite YouTuber

  6. I’ve never watched Jack’s Happy Wheels series. Yet somehow, in 2022, YouTube recommends this video to me. And I watch it. 😂 life is silly

  7. Technically he only survived9.27 seconds not 10 but who cares

  8. Man, YouTube is going for a throwback Monday for me lol. Hello fellow people of 2022!

  9. It's now 2022 and I will never get tired of jack playing happy wheel 😂😂

  10. This is Jack's 4th most viewed Happy Wheels video and is my favourite episode for some reason

  11. I just realized something… graystillplays is the Florida equivalent of Jack

  12. Who is still seeing this in 2022 your a boss

  13. Why is this now again in my recommendation after 6 years?

  14. fly like an eagle?Monkeys can climbCrickets can leapHorses can raceOwls can seekCheetahs can runEagles can flyPeople can tryBut that's about it.-Natsuki

  15. 10:25 Jack: Wait, I'm still alive!
    Harpoons: GOTCHA, BITCH!

  16. Betty has some insane upper body strength.

  17. POV: It’s 2022 and you hear a very familiar intro blaring from your sons tablet 🥲

  18. 4:10 the help was the little bar making it impossible to win vanished

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