ONE SWORD DID THAT!!! - Happy Wheels -

ONE SWORD DID THAT!!! – Happy Wheels

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Steven’s Notes;
Watch Toby die, ragequit, and fail more in Happy Wheels than anyone you’ve ever seen in any other game.
This TobyGames series is a lot of fun, I hope the amount you enjoy watching him rage his face off

correlates with the amount of frustration he endured throughout this playthrough! Toby also gives

unique voices to Irresponsible Dad and Son, the Pogo Guy, and the old Wheelchair Man. These probably

aren’t their technical names, but I’m not a technician! Check out the rest of the videos in this series

And check out Toby’s animated Happy Wheels Music video parody cartoon here (from Tobuscus):

And look out for the official Happy Wheels cartoon in 2016, which is currently being developed by Toby

Turner and Jim Bonacci!

Also watch Toby attempt ‘comedy videos’ on his ‘main’ channel at
or watch him talk to his iPhone on

Toby sucks at Happy Wheels

Outro Music “Gimme That” by DJ Alex S.
Get it on iTunes!
© 2013 Tobuscus INC


  1. i remember his videos at the back of my head and it still looks as good as i remember i feel 6 again

  2. This is such Nostalgia and makes me want to cry

  3. That "how tommy was born" killed me. ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  4. Had to come back for some quick nostalgia. TOTALLY worth it!

  5. omyfucking god i used to watch this guy as a kid

  6. Wow … I used to watch him all the time in middle school is was 13-14 I’m 22 now 😭😭😭😭😭

  7. very goodvery good gracious revengeพูดว่า

  8. It’s almost 2022 and this was uploaded in 2013…

  9. "Google is making a car that drives itself"
    9 years later 0 progress has been made

  10. Just now realized me and Toby are from the same state

  11. It been 8 years. And yet I'm sobbing and watching this og video

  12. Oh my gosh I miss him! I wish Toby was still doing YouTube. Hope he's doing well and is happy!!

  13. 8 years and I finally sneeze during a video… I miss this time in Youtube

  14. when i watched these videos i didn't know how to speak english

  15. If you see this, you're living in the future bois

  16. Almost a decade later and I still laugh at this.

  17. These Mics Were So Good Back Then 😌
    Edit: And YTers

  18. my god i haven't seen any of his content for literally 8 years at this point. holy..

  19. Still remember this as my first Tobuscus video.
    Memories, man. A simpler time…

  20. Yo he said google was gonna make a self driving car. Ah the 2010s. If I could go back I would.

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