only 1% of people survive cartoon cat using this secret technique -

only 1% of people survive cartoon cat using this secret technique

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only 1% of people survive cartoon cat using this secret technique
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Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform browser game developed and published by American studio Fancy Force. Created by video game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, the game features several player characters, who use different, sometimes atypical, vehicles to traverse the game’s many levels. Playing Banned Levels in Happy wheels



  1. “Oh hey a piece of my son”

    Item acquired: son’s giblets

  2. 15:00 no gray it's not felix the cat or tom the cat,it's trevor henderson's cartoon frickin cat.😓😞😒😨

  3. Nobody:
    Me after seeing the title:oh crap gray still plays is corrupted…BY THE MOBILE GAME ADS !!!

  4. Gray has really gotten used to brutalism and absurdism.

  5. It's funny how you was like :screams few seconds later I'm fine🤣

  6. and that secret technique is to run away

  7. The 1 % of people surviving the cartoon cat use a secret technique called masochism. :3

  8. The cartoon cat one is the only level he can't beat (because no one survives cartoon cat)

  9. Talks about global warming for 1 second and doesn't get the gobal is thing legend

  10. i like that the third board he sounds like he's drowning

  11. the title of this video is like a moblie game add

  12. Gray the guy who gets you is cartoon cat

  13. Face reveal plz 🙏🙏🙏Gray plzzz

  14. What's us the similarities between Florida man and the middle finger? They both can be very offensive but are still required in you're life

    Thanks gray

  15. What was that metal song playing tword the middle ?

  16. YEEDAL-DEE–DEET!!!!! Hahahahahahahaha Laughing tears!!!!

  17. I hate hell hell loves me me in my brain aww piss… hrufguejufjdje

  18. Honestly I was really looking forward to him flipping a table

  19. Gray losing his limbs: this is fine
    Also gray losing his leg: AUUGGHH

  20. gray is finnaly warming up to timmy, he realised instead of always hating him he should just accept him

  21. 🎵oh you're alive!🎵
    🎵 I suppose that's good news for you🎵
    🎵but it means🎵
    🎵a lot more paperwork for me🎵
    🎵so don't expect me to be happy🎵
    🎵to see you🎵
    🎵of of course being alive is just🎵

  22. When grey is doing the intro, his characters leg got ripped off xD

  23. If somebody made the hardest in happy wheels gray will find a way

  24. I noticed that on the dark rainbow that there was glass in his wriner

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