PLAYING HAPPY WHEELS IN 2020 (& It's amazing!) -

PLAYING HAPPY WHEELS IN 2020 (& It’s amazing!)

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  1. Ryan: Takes a break

    Me: “Let’s back it up”

  2. anyone else watching old vids bc u miss him?

  3. im sad that Flash will be discontinued, meaning every game collaberated with Flash is gone including Happy Wheels 😞😞😞😞

  4. This was posted right after my birthday 😮

  5. I'm dissopointed he doesn't really know Star Wars exept Baby Yoda…

  6. is just me or do we more
    happy wheels no just me ok

  7. Happy wheels more like angry wheels (get it cause you die in the game)

  8. Somehow he beat a pro level in first try but couldn't beat a FNAF level in first try

  9. When Ryan played the edited guitar.

    It gave me bonnie vibes

  10. Happy Wheels isn't going away, Jim Bonacci hired a company to port (or remake) it in Javascript. And even if he wasn't you can still install plugins that will run Adobe Flash.

  11. It's soooooooo bloody and has a lot of gore

  12. Sad part is happy wheels is gonna die this month on 31st of December 2020
    RIP happy wheels
    RIP Adobe flash player

  13. Everyone watching this in 2021 :😭

  14. Brain: wants to watch Ryan
    Eyes: wants to sleep
    Stomach: wants to eat

  15. 2:54

    Ryan went from having a matchete stuck to his asshole to having a battle axe stuck on his chest to having Indiana Johnes stuck on the Matchete thats stuck in his ass.

    This is why i love happy wheels

  16. happy wheels manged to save it's self and you can play it still

  17. hi my name is very very very very very very long says:

    It's sad because flash got removed so happy wheels will be no more

  18. Is it a couindince 3 of the first levels you played jackseptieye also played ik happy wheels episode 101 and 102

  19. And he is still playing in 2023. Time sure flies fast!

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