Playing Happy Wheels in 2023 was the BEST IDEA!! -

Playing Happy Wheels in 2023 was the BEST IDEA!!

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Welcome to another episode (yes, we’re doing this) of Happy Wheels! LETS GO!

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  1. Recommended game to play next:
    Katana zero
    Fast paced game
    Featuring a samurai on drugs
    You'll know once you play the game

  2. And just like that it was so fun watching him play happy wheels all of a sudden its time the video ended

  3. The Waffle House has found its new host

  4. "Were just lookin, were just lookin." Omg bruh lmfao 😂

  5. you GD straight flying skills just came back there with that jetpack

  6. the entire floor is lava bit had me dying 💀💀💀

  7. This is so nostalgic. I can't accept that 2015, when everyone was playing it and uploading videos to YouTube was 8 years ago man 😔

  8. Jesus loves you y’all can overcome anything through him 🎸

  9. The greystillplays references on some of the boards

  10. That YouTuber pogo fight had all of the cringe YouTubers

  11. How can I play hw in 60 fps, when I load it up it stays at 8-15fps

  12. You know Ryan’s is going to have fun this year when you just see Happy Wheels

  13. You and Baz should play it together again… One final time…

  14. That harpoon survivor looks like a Undertale fight.

  15. On the bottle flip level I don't think Ryan even knew who Gray still plays was most levels have gray still plays on them at this point

  16. You really know you're in a different era when Happy Wheels YouTuber fights no longer have Markiplier, Jacksepticeye and Pewdiepie.

  17. Ryan- I'm bad I get it!

    Happy Wheeles guy- AAAAAAAH!!!

  18. Ryan : I hope he doesnt get the Diamond

    Also Ryan : I take everything back I said

  19. Ah im back in 2015 watching ryan play happy wheels where is the blue background?

  20. Why did you play two gray still plays levels they are normally meant for graystillplays to play

  21. You played a gray still plays bottle flip to

  22. I can’t believe it’s been 7 years.. it’s great to see you come back to this game! 💖

  23. If you want to be original, change your entire channel and style. Its an ongoing copy of everyone else…

  24. I don't care if it's a copy video we need one with other ryan!

  25. Happy Wheels, The most kid friendly, Most joyful game ever made 🙂

  26. this is somehow giving me graystillplays nostalgia.

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