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POKEMON GO IN HAPPY WHEELS | Happy Wheels – Part 99

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Why go outside into the harsh world to play Pokemon Go when you can just play it in Happy Wheels!

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Outro created by the super talented Cranbersher:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


  1. Beastboy 25 the gaming and plotagon guy says:

    3:36 the pogo is in somewhere It shouldn’t

  2. My cat was sitting on the ground and every time it looks away from me I move closer and closer hahahaha

  3. 8:00 I can’t breathe, I might have just swallowed a part of my braces XD

  4. Quarantine got me crying in nostalgia I’ve what he’s all of them four times this will be five😭

  5. Holy shit this was 4 years ago, I remember when this came out, my childhood in a nutshell

  6. I'm Holly Henry and I Believe you Jack 💚 and possibly You are the best Boss!

  7. I believe in you o ya ya I believe in you I believe I believe in the in you ya ya

  8. Jack: ok those are some big black balls. Youtube: demonitizd copyright striked and age restricted

  9. I laughed when he said who needs legs with a face like this it reminds me of undertale

  10. When my brother goes to annoy me for telling him not to touch my hamster because it will bite him: 6:27

    Waiting on my little brother to get to the door so we can go to McDonald’s: 9:50

    Getting in trouble for what my little brother did: 8:00

    Me in about 10 years thinking about how cute my little brother was: 9:16

  11. 6:27 i can’t stop laughing after I hear Jack say shut the f**k up

  12. Little did we know there would be 3 more episodes after this one

  13. Jack: Judge the physics just judge the physics
    his arms just pop off


  15. years late to the party, but feeling sad that i'm getting to the end of the playlist :/ still, this ep was one of the funniest!

  16. Anybody else find that they lose the ability to consume oxygen while watching this video

  17. There’s an idea for a new Pokémon: Pikafuck

  18. 2021, Saturday, April 17th, Midnight, it took way too long to get this legendary video recommended.

  19. Jack: "Last episode of happy wheels. Done. Never again"
    Nostagia week: "Are you sure about that"

  20. 14:27 i laughed so hard that when i was drinking water the water went up my nose

  21. Whenever jacksepticeye was in slow motion I didn't know if you sounded like a helicopter or a diesel powered truck

  22. 4:44 he sounded kinda like Michel Jackson but with a kinda deeper voice 😂😂😂

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