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Poppy Playtime BOTTLE FLIP! | Happy Wheels

The Frustrated Gamer
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Poppy Playtime Bottle flip Happy wheel gameplay | The Frustrated Gamer is playing more Happy Wheels bottle flip impossible levels and today I am trying the new Poppy Playtime Huggy Wuggy level! Today I go from Happy Wheels Bottle Flip noob to bottle Flip pro! Let’s play happy wheels bottle flip Huggy levels with The Frustrated Gamer!
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  1. You landed on how!??! Upsidedown I think you didn't notice

  2. He landed on cap on orange and it fell when he didn't notice

  3. It’s funny how usually he doesn’t even notice that he go on a really good spot…lol

  4. Eric's leg got chopped off by Micky mouse

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  6. The first level of a land on the top is WHAT THE FU- which means it's fu+ck= #!@$

  7. Right as he said Huggy Wuggy I got a Poppy Playtime ad

  8. n_g had a mine and the bottle hit below it and the mine exploded on the bouncy platform

  9. Brandon, if you practice bottle flipping in real life, you will play like a pro, inside your computer! Happy Wheels Bottle Flipping will be a big NOOB!!! you will be a super PRO!!!!

  10. Gsp sands for gray still plays. Feel like he’s the best bottle flip person ever

  11. According to law number b011l3 fli9 in the holy gods of Graystillplays law book, you need to land or cap the bottle, not sideways or anything like that

  12. mgl had a mine and the mustard bottle knocked i the mine on the platform

  13. The fact that my brothers name is Eric is just sad

  14. Pray for Brandon to agree to play easy fps on roblox lets all pray for him

  15. I know what WTF stand for what the fuck

  16. Remember when you landed on GSP? btw that stands for graystillplays

  17. Also where did u get that name is Eric or eean

  18. brandon : guys there is a new poppy playtime mod then throwed bottle ohhh
    brandon: hey ho hey ho victory

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