SLINKY SPINE PULL TRAP! (Happy Wheels Funny Moments) -

SLINKY SPINE PULL TRAP! (Happy Wheels Funny Moments)

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► SLINKY NECK PULL TRAP! (Happy Wheels Funny Moments)

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  1. SlogoMan you’re funny and you done a great job on the slam dunking

  2. Guys please tell me the name of the game

  3. Slogo love you when I make a level it will be impossible to the point it makes you crit YouTube

  4. I love you slogo and am your fan in the philipines

  5. thair is a vid of sombody chating and slogoman sead he got into a car crash and is going to diy

  6. I miss the old but young slogoman.
    Why would he change it to slogo. I guess he wanted to see all of the og subbers.
    And I am the first to comment in 2021.

  7. 9:40 they based this level off of escape the prison stick figure popularmmos played it

  8. Plz do some more happy wheels but so some happy wheels in 2021

  9. 0:30
    "Stabbing Yes? What does that even mean?" literally explodes 0.2 seconds later

  10. 8:40
    I got an idea. If I… hold on… body gets ripped in half OKAY THAT IS DISGUSTING

  11. Im not play happy wheels but i got but is not real

  12. Its been 5 years huh ?….
    I comeback cuz i missed my childhood
    Thanks for making my childhood better slogoman, and i am in the collage rn….
    Time flew so fast right ?

  13. 🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🎃🐌👍🤟

  14. I just uploaded a Video on my acc 😄😆

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