Taking climate change to unrealistic extremes - pasimanninen.com

Taking climate change to unrealistic extremes

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It’s Happy Wheels.
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  1. gray with the box acting like that reminds me of jack going "everyone do the magikarp"

  2. If you do not know the yeet3 thing is yeet to the 3rd power

  3. Gray:my helmet noooooo
    proceeds to get brain damage

  4. Me who knows the person who made the map jernisshadow

  5. shoutout said save did you save i hope you saved if you didnt you didnt get a shoutout

  6. bro is trying to be normal but is still being an absolute badass

  7. i love that the information panel says climate change lol

  8. He sounded just like a happy wheels character when he said "AH my foot"

  9. The one time gray tires to do it the right way

  10. Gray I saw a video of beetle juice exploding in 1 hour

  11. 5:55 he's so bad he cant get the normal ending, but so good he can get the secret ending.

  12. Gray: "never skip leg day"
    The box:"never skip arm day!!!!

  13. You know its a good day when he starts it off with a bottle flip

  14. I don’t even know how do you get to this and happy wheels

  15. Dude did you seriously do a climate change campaign? That is not the florid Ian way

  16. Why is there a fuckng article about weather

  17. I knew he was getting the shadow when I heard this awesome music.

  18. I love how there’s just the thing for climate change right below the title 💀

  19. I love how youtube added context about climate change under the video title. 😂😂😂

  20. Bro. Screamed at 9.14 like a heacy from tf2😂

  21. I love how they have to include context on wht climate change is

  22. I wonder how doctor Mike would react to this

  23. Aw.. I had my phone somehow where it looked like the pogo jump was being done sideways!

  24. I heard if you'd u say your favorite YouTube's name you will get pinned and it is you gray so ps pin meee

  25. ied love to watch him make a happy wheals bord and have like shotouts for the winners

  26. 10:13
    “Everything is fine.
    Everything is fine.
    Everything is NOT fine”

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