The "BEST" Happy Wheels Levels of All Time -

The “BEST” Happy Wheels Levels of All Time

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These are the top rated Happy Wheels levels ever made. Perhaps the most played levels will be better…

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  1. I just wanted to point this out, the pokemon level is the most played since its the first level in the "campaign?".

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    more like a harpeen amirite

  3. Mattshea: There's a harpoon going right through my peen
    Captainsauce: Can someone please explain to me what a peenis?

  4. I love your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. I was watching your video and a ad came up with you in it so i didn't know if if was a ad 😂

  7. Matt the right thing to say is yo no ablas en español

  8. Like my comment
    Edit: I liked my own comment

  9. HEY GUYS SO the freeze zone is really the friendzone *coffin dance music cuz u died from stupidity

  10. Matt: appeares without glasses
    Me: we have an XK-End-Of-The-World scenario

  11. This was uploaded on my birth day

  12. there are 9796 likes and 204 dislikes, which makes 10000 ratings. imma DISLIKE so i dislike the vid and also ruin the 10000 ratings.

  13. Does anyone else think Matt is supposed to have a beard

  14. I wish this was jacksepticeye doing the video

  15. matt how u get this game on pc plz leave a link

  16. Why do non-profesinal people like him play this game.

  17. Dancing Dragonfly - Road to 100,000 subs says:

    1:55 or u can squat waddle

    it hurts…

  18. ok this text is the spanish version of
    These are the top rated Happy Wheels levels ever made. Perhaps the most played levels will be better

    this is the spanish text
    esos son los niveles de happy wheels con mas estrellas que alguna vez han sido echos. incluso los mas jugados seran mejores

  19. Your face is blocking the game play and you're not funny… THAT'S WHY I WATCH GRAYSTILLPLAYS

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