The Greatest Happy Wheels Speedrun Nobody Knows About -

The Greatest Happy Wheels Speedrun Nobody Knows About

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A Video by Maximum – First released in June of 2010, Happy Wheels has gone on to become one of the most popular and influential flash games ever created. The game had speedrunning essentially built into its DNA, with its in-game replay and leaderboard system motivating countless players to play the same levels hundreds, if not thousands of times to try and squeeze out every last millisecond of improvement. However, over on the game’s page, there is a multi-level category that has been optimized almost entirely by one speedrunner over the course of 8 years. After over 100,000 attempts and thousands of hours of playtime, Dray has produced a Happy Wheels speedrun that stands far above what anybody else has managed to accomplish in the game. This is the story of the greatest Happy Wheels speedrun that nobody knows about.

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Make sure to check out Dray’s run after watching the video!
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  1. That World of Goo music, though. Nice choice!

  2. Apparently the linked video is now the old WR. Nice video however.

  3. near the end it showed he had 14,416 attempts, and since he started streaming 5 months prior, multiply that by 16, it would be 230,656 attempts (educated guess)

  4. The dawn of the dead level brought back memories lmao I remember also being in around 5th grade playing this in the computer lab at school with old friends like it was yesterday even this it was around 7-8 years back now I played so many games at those times like also that one speed running game on coolmath games I saw your video about earlier and so many others I just played them for the fun of it tho I never speedrun through them

  5. it went from 'sub 5 with all of the levels is impossible' to 'half the time (2:30) is possible' speedrunning is crazy

  6. I was a library worker in highschool this thing was all I did as a library worker lmao. Came out when I was in 8th grade and this was the main stay in our highschool. This and Happy Tree Friends.

  7. Video was absolute fire, but when I heard the ending with the Donkey Kong music, I just had to subscribe

  8. this is really a 30 minute video? my god i hate people like you

  9. It's amazing how I can remember every level that's a part of the speedrun.

  10. This is the definition of speedrunning as a personal challenge

  11. dont like the game, nor have i played it
    you jept me entertained for 30 minutes with something i dont care about, sub for you it is

  12. Man, I thought the ninja guy was gonna be a checkov's gun situation.

  13. I re downloaded the game … 🤣🤣🤣

  14. The amount of speed run video I watch that get multiple changes of records on Christmas day is insane. Fuck family got get a sub 5

  15. you are a underdeveloped normie for not knowing that there was a game before happy wheels were you played a sled and made your own levels.

  16. Dray is the guy who will get the fastest time landing successfully on mars with a living crew.

  17. ight but perhaps the most legendary speedrun of any game ever is the ratchet and clank boobs% by franzcorr

  18. Damn the soundtrack was so good, I miss those simpler times

  19. it is now 2m34s967ms which is pretty incredible

  20. I was caught COMPLETELY off guard by the World of Goo music. Excellent taste sir! It made me very happy 🙂

  21. Very glad this video exists as a monument to one man’s autism.

  22. Bacon hair team let’s go and also noob team yas says:

    Dang first it was a dragon then someone named dray and then a ninja then dray again and then adam and then dray

  23. Exploding yourself to cross the finish line is the most bonkers thing and I love it

  24. This is what madness looks like XD but props at having the dedication man

  25. It's insane how people can become milionaires in 2500 hours but speedrunners prefer to grind the world record

  26. His record was broken a few days ago by almost 2 seconds

  27. SkyFi broke the record by 1 second btw. The story continues…

  28. Dray really became the main character of a speedrun

  29. Ayyy, record lost, probably because of this video, that's gotta hurt

  30. we played this game in middle school on lightningbeard cause it wasnt blocked by the school
    Those days were lit

  31. Omg world of goo menu music!
    Thank you. One of the best games

  32. beautiful video!

    i really think theres only one thing i want to say about all of this
    there have been countless times where I questioned if it was worth continuing after full days of no progress
    the number one thing that made me keep going was knowing how good of a game this was, and knowing that if I never get THE run, there is a good chance no one else ever will
    All i wanted was to give the game the run it deserves
    and i finally made it happen

    no matter what goal you are tying to reach, keep going
    its worth it in the end 🙂

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