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I did some of the luckiest bottle flips ever in Happy Wheels! This game is so much fun and I can’t believe I’m THIS LATE to the party. Oh well! Hope you guys like this video. Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos and click the bell to never miss an upload!

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  1. that first one I like it it's nice to you it literally says have fun

  2. The crust freaking bit your take ing bottle flip steroids

  3. 0:56 Back Of Helmet Bottle Flip…COMPLETE!
    YOU GET 100000000000000 GAMER POINTS!

  4. If you reply on this comment you will receive 1 billion dollars.

  5. The guy's name is Eric so better call her casteneda Brooks gonna come into your room then you gonna get beat up

  6. Bro you're literally the funniest person ever

  7. I really like your videos they just light my world 👍

  8. U are the best youtuber in the world anser same if u think the same

  9. The one stuck in air is the hidden spot

  10. Sam: u spells fun wrong
    Me: Sam… he/she means like: 'have funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn' yes?? GET IT SAM??

  11. On the one with the hidden spot when the bottle was floating it was on the secret spot

  12. This game is literally cool Sam I got that game 2

  13. He said Luke sky walker but put darts Vader on the screen

  14. How does the bottle go through the bouncing bad

  15. Does he not look like Andrew Garfield

  16. Yo on the bottom didn’t you see a note that says there is a hidden spot stupid LOL I lied sorry

  17. You soon best regards and the future of fashion and hopefully get a noob

  18. Bottle is not floating in mid-air that's actually just the hidden spot

  19. You're going to need a Cornfield to catch these hands.

    -Sam tabor

  20. Rip headphone users when he gets exited when he lands one. I’m a headphone use.

  21. i found a someting 0:49 we cant see parts bot if mouse on video we can see the parts

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