the worst 5 star rated levels in happy wheels -

the worst 5 star rated levels in happy wheels

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  1. Mully's narration isn't a youtuber narration… it's more of documentary narration. Now i understand why they hired a narrator.

  2. Where does gray search for his. The ones he plays are insane for no reason.

  3. Mully: Buys terribly named 5 star levels n' expects 5 star quality
    Happy wheels: Still the same as it was in 2008
    Mully: Legs break off on any level After winning: "We're insane. Actually insane"

  4. Kinda wantin to see mully and the gang mash up with graystillplays. Like maybe do a gta video or something.

  5. Were stacking bottles on god-mully 2021 sunday august 22

  6. Spider man spider man paraplegic spider man can he swing no he can't he can't feel from the waist down watch out he can't feel his legs

  7. 3:46
    mully: oh you shot my son
    with the shotgun: ok did i make it worse

  8. Yo I was watching this and then a ant just crawls on me lol

  9. Parenthood may not be for you, Mate XD Thank you for another classic vid

  10. mully ima say this stop playing happy wheels your killing the game just let graystillplays deal with happy wheels

  11. 3:04 the level is called hell and you need to do insane parkour with a pogo stick

    Me:*insert war like pogo stuck flash backs*

  12. You should search up your name in happy wheels

  13. WooooooooooH! Let's goooo Mully! <3

  14. How is mully so bad at everything

    Also I love how he says welcome back and doesnt know how to grab

    This video gave me no entertainment

  15. Mully: Bottle flips suck

    Me: No you just suck

  16. This is really strange, the video has been up for 10 hours and it only has 3K likes and 99 comments..1.) something is wrong with YouTube or 2.) Mully YouTube channel is finally dying.Even Eddie VR gets more views in 5 minutes

  17. Mully- easy we got out with a broken leg
    Bro his leg is not connected to his body no more it’s holding on for dear life 😂🤣


  19. No no don’t touch me there! I have the boys dragon if you haven’t been aware! And im really excited cause I hear its super rare!

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