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Spud 607
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In this video I delve into the shenanigans that result from 5 seconds playing Happy Wheels where many unspeakable things occur. From glory to guts, from fires to faults. Can I beat whatever this game throws at me? Guess you’ll have to find out.

Already smelling the Jacksepticeye references

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  1. She should have taken the divorce papers. That's what she gets for taking the kids.

  2. 1 Irish man playing happy wheels after another, history repeats itself and we are watching it

  3. Spud don't you know you can't live with em can't live without em

  4. Hi I’m here if you hart I will love it

  5. You should be the narrator to jackscepticeye

  6. You should watch graystillplays, he’s a masochistic god of happy wheals pain xd

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