VanossGaming in Happy Wheels! -

VanossGaming in Happy Wheels!

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Friends in the Video


  1. 14:09 I’m sorry to say but Hydro (Garry) accidentally died two years ago, me and him made the quiz, so I’m glad you got to play it and I know Hydro (Garry) would have been happy to know you played our level 14:09

  2. I haven't heard the name happy wheels since oh before the dark times

  3. i thought the game got removed due to the wole html transition but props to you for playing it again, its like playing gmod, it hits you in the right nostalgia place.
    how on earth did you think evan wouldn't say white washed, think brian. he is similar to you in going to the edge of no no jokes XD

  4. I'm kinda curious of how vanoss would react if both terroriser and nogla were playing a quiz about him. Will you make a video about that please?

  5. “Happy Wheels”….. man that’s a throwback

  6. Can't wait for your Only Lads with Kevin, RT, Jack and Nogla

  7. You should make nogla play Figment for you/with you – it's free for the next few days.

  8. You know what is almost as nostalgic as Happy Wheels?

    Activate Windows watermarks.

  9. Is it just me or is it kinda disappointing they never did much after the initial couple content updates, like a sequel or just more characters, unless something happened that I don’t know about I feel like they could actually still be kinda relevant today if they stayed consistent on stuff like that

  10. Appreciate the Charlie impression there at the end

  11. This is nostalgic, brings me back a few years when I used to hop on

  12. That activate windows watermark is amazing 😂

  13. 12.30am is the first Australian 23fyi for a 🕘

  14. Why not have ever goal scored on you you have to tweet something

  15. Hear me out! You and nogla play battleblock theater! 😂❤👀

  16. Say whatever you want, I personally think that the activate windows watermark adds to the nostalgia.

  17. Activate Windows please, Brian. I cannot ignore that thing in the corner of the video

  18. Activate Windows
    Go to Settings to activate Windows

  19. It was so fun watching happy wheels content from some of my favorite youtubers

  20. Me – my windows isn Activated wtf???

    Then i remember im on my tv app and thats in the video 😂

  21. This ones to all the kids in study hall on huge monitors😂

  22. He also has to activate windows😂

  23. Wait the Question about operation bigfoot wasn't gmod prop hunt it was call of duty prop hunt

  24. I wonder what that giant blur was he who shall not be named – the tax man 🤮

  25. operation bigfoot wasnt gmod prop hunt tho it was cod4

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