When you break 7,605,333 bones using glass - pasimanninen.com

When you break 7,605,333 bones using glass

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When you break 7,605,333 bones using glass
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  1. E̶V̵E̶R̶Y̷T̷H̵I̷N̴G̷ ̴C̵H̵O̶M̶I̵K̷ says:


  2. I love how he's always up for everything. Nothing is untouchable

  3. i once ate a peice of glass slicing my mouth in the process

  4. They say nothing in life is free but you can die in life and that's free 🙂

  5. Cheesy Satan
    Gray will be like what you are lactose intolerant and you gonna make my life milky hell.

  6. Gray:"This Could be really bad…."
    Gray: "It isn't that bad."
    Game: "Oh really?"
    Gray: "It was bad."

  7. Play store plays never fails to make me laugh

  8. i love cheese u know? and i don't love veggies u know? so i tell story that make you cry after reading dis. it called: the cow and the unicorn there a unicorn who lived forever but no friend but that day. he saw a barn with 1 cow in it but he has no owner and friend. so the unicorn ask him to be a bff and the cow said: okay! and they all when an adventure. they went to carnival. a dark forest and they all have fun they laugh. hahaha! they scearm. ahh!!!!!!! and they went on a picnic. but they see a big nasty stinky bad wolf and he was big. he looked like a monster. gonna eat the cow and the unicorn. he said: HAHA!! I EAT U!. but when he tried 2 eat them is just 2 freaking pain in da ass endings. the good end: is that da unicorn has superpower to take down the wolf and went on a picnic but at the beach. and the bad ending: is that when cow and unicorn are goin on a picnic they see a big bad wolf and the unicorn don't have superpower and he said: i don't have a choice cow. run!! and that why the wolf ate him.

  9. Yesterday a family member died from COVID-19 and you made me laugh🫰

  10. is your coffee not crazy enough than try Florida man coffee where all your crazy coffee needs will be met

  11. Gray: I'll be there in a minute Tom!
    Also Gray: Kills Tom on the other side without realising

  12. Why do you sound like Peter Parker when you scream😂😂😂😂

  13. The time at 7:42 Gray screaming at the jets looks like he's a cat somehow 😆


  15. Cheese cheese cheese is the answer of all World stuff cheese is The answer to cure cancer

  16. i wont lie, when i saw the level that started with "choose your path" i read it as "choose your pain" but for GSP thats actually normal so i kinda dont blame myself for the misread

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