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When you eat 100,000,000 calories

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It’s Happy Wheels.

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  1. Grey still plays went to a different universe 😂

  2. The fact how on the first level on the first win it swore and you didn't even notice lol

  3. 19:38 is the best perfectly cut scream I've heard in my life 😂😂

  4. When he said what other walls ya got for me I imagined that instead he said gyatt and I was already dead at that point 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. bro will literally fart once on that thumbnail

  6. No not the devianart thumbnail!

  7. Did anyone else here gray say "YAYYYY I SURVIVED COCO MELON!!!!" or is that just me

  8. Albright we are checking out the only game that will rip my limbs eternaly it’s sad wheels

  9. How does this have anything to do with eating one hundred million calories?

  10. Why do you sound like Scout from TF2 but slightly older?

  11. He got through candy mountain and kept his kidney. This man needs a round of applause 🤣

  12. Gray:*says something i can't remember * 1 sec later "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah-" 😂

  13. Get Timmy a coffin if u wat I mean😏

  14. I love watching these and pretending it’s a show where gray is the commentator, and every time the character dies a new one is placed in and the reason these people are doing these boards is because they were kidnapped and they’re told if they can make it to the end of these boards (and are alive when they reach the finish line) then they get to go home to their family 😊

  15. The way he says “OHH YEAH” when his character gets loses a limb got me dying

  16. There is a McDonald's in Vegas that serves alcohol

  17. A time traveller moved a chair. I can tell because as Gray said, the son left to get milk, not the dad lol

  18. 7:52

    God i love Pain.
    Test of Ironman has like 2 wins.

    Dylan Snider makes some fun looking maps. I wish he could make maps for the Mobile game 😀😀

  19. Gray, you should learn how to jitter click it’s crazy fast bro it’s like a miniature auto clicker

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