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When you hit Karen’s at the speed of light

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It’s Happy Wheels.
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ABOUT – Happy Wheels
Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform browser game developed and published by American studio Fancy Force. Created by video game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, the game features several player characters, who use different, sometimes atypical, vehicles to traverse the game’s many levels. Playing Banned Levels in Happy wheels.
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  1. More happy wheels plz. IDC if you edit lazy I just like watching you suffer to win

  2. why did he stop making happy wheels vids

  3. TIME FOR A FROG SPLASH!! then proceeds to fail lmfao

  4. ah yes, that's what Jerry used to do all the time.

    He's in jail for sexual abuse now.

  5. Do a face reveal when you hit 1,000,000 subscribers

  6. I love how the subtitles say * cries of anguish *

  7. Graystillplays and Poofesure always sound somewhat similar and do similar things

  8. Can we just take a moment to react to th perfectly cut yel at 9.25

  9. I was crying but the moment he said alright I wasn't. Gray is amazing

  10. At 4:28 I said oh my god an then we’ll Greys torture machine copied me😢😂

  11. Me: Ahhh what a beautiful morning with my Florida Man Coffee, Hey Gray what are you doing? Gray: There is a bomb on my butt….
    Me: GREAT

  12. Gray: Time for a frog splash!
    Hobo: Urgh.
    Gray: Okay, I will move over so you won't skip heart day.

  13. Where is your next happy wheels video it’s been two months

  14. You're one of the best Youtuber ever

  15. In the bottle run you had a shoutout

  16. Alright welcome back to the only game where you can lose your virginity to an arrow it's happy wheels

  17. Gray, I have a level that might make you feel like inhaling 5 ounces of cyanide, it's called OachkatzlschAGONY.

  18. PLEASE please do more happy wheels I’m begging you

  19. Popular Gray phrases:
    “Alright,we’re checking out the only game where”
    “Stay foxy and much love”
    I neeed alll ttthhheeee speeeeeddd!!!!”
    “Leeet mee have thiiis”
    “This is called”
    “And we have a winner!”
    “This is turning a lot harder than I anticipated”
    “This lacks fairness”
    Method on pogo fight foy you/gray:
    Jump and flip and get the bottom of your pogo to flick the sword/weapon of the pogo dud

  20. The thing about happy wheels is, you need to beat the board to publish it, so if the author says they can't do it, than they're a liar.


  22. The balls here are giving me a brain aneurysm
    Now were on to the slightly more urine colored balls
    Then the bloody stool hard balls
    With the poppy seed balls
    -Gray 2022

  23. gray is the kinda person who forgets to do the actual borde and do the secret

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