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When you stop watching the kids for 1 minute

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It’s Happy Wheels.
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ABOUT – Happy Wheels
Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform browser game developed and published by the American studio Fancy Force. Created by video game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, the game features several player characters, who use different, sometimes atypical, vehicles to traverse the game’s many levels. Playing Banned Levels in Happy Wheels.
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  1. that fact that someone took the time to make a Pontiac Aztec is amazing🤣

  2. I am cry laughing when the spikes go in and out

  3. To all of the people advertising their channels, THAT BTW HAVE NO SUBS, in the comment section, no, your channel is not better than ANY other youtubers, hence why you have no subs, just leave the comment section, you aren't welcome here.

  4. I love when gray plays happy weels cuz it is full of death

  5. How did nobody notice that that girl? That the a woman that took the child was from the movie Matilda. It was cause the chokie is where you go if you're bad, and she's super strict, and she's like the outfit and everything

  6. hate to say this but your the best youtuber for this game i hav enot found a better one

  7. I know something that would be insane gray Plus markiplier Plus yub

  8. “I feel like I’ve been murdered a lot more”

    Oh Gray…

  9. The thing I hate about happy wheels is he screams in pain when he gets stabbed and it seems to real when I sword goes up his butt

  10. This is so funny with out the captions. Lmao

  11. Random Fact:Whitetip reef sharks may be formidable but whitetip reef sharks are scared of groupers, moray eels, and tiger sharks.

  12. As gray always says, we don’t need legs where were going

  13. I love watching you play Happy Wheels, it makes me happy to see you enjoy the levels ppl made. I laughed when the lady said chokey, I knew right away what the reference was. Matilda is such a good movie~

  14. The first tike he did the 2nd level notice how he always landed on spike with his ass

  15. I should have seen it coming, but the "Nanny Did It" bit killed me. Thankyou for the laughs, Gray, your channel is my newfound religion!

  16. i did the math and she would be paying you 1495 dollars

  17. "Gray will find a way" is the pinnacle of pinnacles. Why else would it be called what it is? "Impossible" isn't Impossible…. it's "Gray will find a way".

  18. Gravy how do you get to that level? The bottle one

  19. can we just appreciate how much effort went into the pontiac aztec…

  20. 6:54 should I send a friend request to that person??? Majority rules, if no replies then I just won’t

  21. Graysillplays am a big fan but i have to go in a new house and not see your videos bye :(😢

  22. you'd get 2,015 dollars for babysitting all of those kids xd

  23. On the second one, the spikes went up a certain part of your anatomy 😳

  24. Who else likes grey suffering from his actions

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