WORLD'S LOUDEST EPISODE | Happy Wheels - Part 92 -

WORLD’S LOUDEST EPISODE | Happy Wheels – Part 92

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Who knew I could get so loud! HAPPY WHEELS!

St. Patrick’s Day ►

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Outro created by the super talented Cranbersher:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here



  1. Is something wrong with Jack? Did his mic break? Or something like that.

  2. My least favorite jacksepticeye happy wheels episode

  3. He sounds like tom holland’s peter parker when he talks quietly

  4. That "post-credit" segment after the outro where he asked, "Did I getcha?" that's the first time I saw that, and my 3rd time watching this series

  5. He actually got me on that April Fools joke. I thought he was doing an asmr video or he was just being silly 😂

  6. Ey and it's Aprill Firssh, I tough Jacky was doing iss
    bess not ta wake da lads O
    Bauti was doing a fooled he was..! !! Happy Day to ya Seany. From Dave FLA
    US, Ah ….

  7. Shit I think I'm deaf. I had my volume up to 50 then he yelled and I was like AHHHHH MY EARS

  8. There are so many Jacksepticeye references in this asmr video

  9. "Ball throw? I love balls!"
    >Midroll Manscaped ad

    Are you SERIOUS

  10. This doesn't really fit the vibe I can't tell why 😉

  11. My God this is the funniest thing I ever seen 😂

  12. I'm sitting here watching this episode and the entire time, Sean's high pitched whispering voice was reminding me of something. I finally realized what it was.

    "Come on, Charlie! Come to Candy Mountain with us, Charlie!"

  13. He sounds more Irish when he whispers..5/18/22
    If that's possible. Love you Jackaboy..

  14. The fact that when I clicked on this video I got no audio is hilarious

  15. Maybe you was awake up in the middle of the night

  16. Why won't jack tell us why he's whispering? And I refuse to believe he is intentionally trying to be annoying

  17. why does he lose his accent when he whisper

  18. Jack does really good ASMR with the whispering but as Naruto Ninja running around and Crazyness

  19. ITS TOO QUIET, OOOHHHH BOSSATRON ITS TOO QUIET!!!!!!!! Prey for poor Sean.

  20. Little did he know he was going to do two ASMRs in a few years.

  21. so that’s why I’ve never seen this episode before

  22. When ur 20 and drunk this is very calming 😌

  23. This is one of those episodes that you watch once but can't bring yourself to watch again

  24. Jack whispering sounds like Tom Holland to me

  25. The whispering is annoying, but the wheels are always happy.

  26. I literally had a full mood swing over everything in my current life and your videos are immediately making it better. Laughs all around all over here, literally all over the place. "High 5's all around" for that one .

  27. jacksepticeye asmr is something that was needed

  28. This video was the loudest video Jacksepticeye has ever recorded.

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